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There are a huge range of watersports on offer on the island to suit everyone and you will never get bored. Read though the list below and find some great water activities you and the family can enjoy on your trip to Anna Maria Island.


Get a great view of the island from 500 feet above the Gulf and take a trip parasailing! If you don’t want to go it alone, you can go on tandem or triple tours, allowing you to share the experience. Try spotting dolphins, turtles or sting rays and feel at one with nature. Parasailing is a calm and exhilarating experience, enjoy the incredible views and gently float above the clear blue waters.

Some choose to enjoy a sunset parasail and there have even been weddings in the air for some daring couples!

All ages can parasail so it’s a great activity for the whole family.

Paddle Boarding

This surfing-kayaking hybrid is a new craze and a unique way to explore the waters. It gives you the opportunity to get up close with dolphins and sea life and is a more relaxed form of surfing. You can learn with a local guide, or for those of you who are more confident, just rent yourself a paddle board.


One of the most popular spots for surfing in the area is White Avenue in Anna Maria City. It’s well known by the locals and provides the best surfing in the area. The Gulf of Mexico offers favorable surfing conditions, and on rough days White Avenue is a hub of activity.

Bradenton Beach also offers a fairly popular spot called the 3 Jetties, unfortunately Anna Maria Island doesn’t offer huge waves to ride, but it is a great place to visit when there is a storm in the Gulf or for learners.

A hugely popular event which takes place over 8 weeks each summer is the Eternal Summer Surf Camp. It attracts over 200 sign ups from children each year and is free for them to attend. The surf camp was set up by surfers and operates solely on donations from people and organizations. It is situated between Park and White Avenue on the island and gets very popular so it is best to book your place along with accommodation in advance.

Horse Surfing

In Bradenton’s Palma Sola Bay you can enjoy a unique kind of surfing. This trip allows you to take horseback riding along the beach to the next level; your horse will wade into the water and ride the waves and if you’re brave enough you can stand up on its’ back if you can keep your balance!


Diving and snorkelling on Anna Maria Island is great for those of all levels and diving is possible all year round, with warm waters always boasting temperatures between 21c and 27c.

Snorkelling and diving around Anna Maria Island allows you to discover the abundance of sea life and natural wonders including the beautiful coral reefs. Bottle nose dolphins also frequent the dive sites regularly, giving you the opportunity to swim side by side with them.

Manatees are also easily spotted in the dive sites and very shallow waters including the bays and rivers. These sea cows are herbivores and are protected by law in this County, it’s great to see them in their natural environment.

Along with sea life, you can also explore Anna Maria’s famous wreck site, The Regina. The 75 foot wreck lies at the depth of 20 feet, and sank back in 1940 in a storm, this is another popular site for divers.

Make sure you always use one of the dive centres for equipment and advice and before your trip you should make sure you check the safety information and weather conditions.

Canoeing and Kayaking

This can be a great way to explore in and around the island, down the rivers and the estuaries as well as around the beaches.

You can either hire a canoe or kayak or go on an organised tour. It is advised that you go with a guide if you’re a beginner as the changes in weather conditions or currents can be swift. You can choose from a range of different tours from calmly travelling along the Gulf waters to view the beaches to a tour of the hidden creeks of Anna Maria. Some tours can be over 2.5 hours so make sure you take enough water and sun screen!

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